A reference is someone that an employer can contact to find out more about you and to make sure you’re the right fit for the position they’re looking to fill. Generally this person could be a previous employer, teacher or someone who knows your skills well.

Make sure you ask permission before using someone as a reference. This will allow you to give them a heads up on the position you’re applying for and give them time to think of examples to let the employer know how well you would fit in there.


♦ Create a reference page on a separate sheet from your resume and use the same header with your contact details on the top of the page.


♦ Do not distribute your references with every resume that you submit or distribute. Instead, bring your references with you to an interview, and offer them to the interviewer after your interview. You could also have a digital copy ready to email as well.


♦ Including, “References Available Upon Request” at the end of your resume is the standard for resume etiquette if you are not including your references in your application.


♦ Some employers may request that you include references in an application process.


♦ When it comes to picking your references, make sure it’s someone who will demonstrate your positive attributes and skills. If you aren’t sure if you should use someone as a reference, have a conversation with them about what they would provide the employer if you listed them.