Waypoints is a leader in providing high quality professional Child and Youth Care to vulnerable children, youth and families. Waypoints is a registered non-profit charitable organization established in 1978.

Our Vision Statement

The vision of  Waypoints is safe and healthy children, youth and families learning, growing, and participating to their full potential in supportive communities.

Our Mission Statement

Waypoints provides a variety of residential and support services to families and youth. We strive to create an environment of respect and empathy that promotes safety and well-being while supporting and challenging individuals and families to achieve personal growth and the skills necessary to become productive responsible members of society.

Our Philosophy

Waypoints believes that all young people are products of their environment, both familial and societal, and have the right to a nurturing, safe, and secure environment experience difficulties in their development when their individual needs are not met have the right to participate, to the extent that they are able, in all decision making that affects them in their day to day lives can exhibit responsible behavior through the promotion and establishment of trusting, accepting relationships have the capacity to grow into productive responsible individuals.

Board Members

Chairperson: Tim Fahey

Vice Chair: Elizabeth Whitten

Secretary: Tim Turner

Director: Angela Bragg

Director: Line Daley

Director: Ryan Belbin

Director: Rob McLennan

Director: Rachelle Cochrane

Ex-officio: Executive Director – Rick Kelly