Employer Info

Are you an employer that sees the value in providing learning opportunities for youth just beginning their working careers?

Are you finding it difficult to recruit employees to your place of business?

Look no further… Youth Are Working is a great opportunity to help your business grow while providing a great opportunity for a youth.

Youth Are Working uses a very individualized approach to personal and career development, program staff assist youth in developing their employment portfolio with the goal of preparing them for the realities and expectations for today’s employers.

As an employer with Youth Are Working you will be giving youth true work experience and the ability to practice the skills they have learned. We rely on attracting employers who understand our program, who understand the needs of today’s youth, and who are willing to work with us to make the work experience a true learning opportunity.

What does being an employer with Youth Are Working entail?

Youth are placed with a business which matches some of their skills and interests. Employers receive a 50% wage subsidy (based on the current minimum wage rate) for 32 hours a week as an incentive for providing workplace opportunities. This placement can last up to 20 weeks.

Placements are monitored regularly and youth are given feedback on their progress with the goal of coming to understand the realities of work and the expectations of employers.

If you are interested and feel you can benefit and also provide an opportunity for a youth in our program, please contact Project Manager, Hugo McCarthy at employment@waypointsnl.ca